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Accidents could happen and injuries could occur anytime. Ankle injuries, wrist injuries, knee injuries, back injuries, shoulder injuries, foot injuries and elbow injuries are just some of the many different types of injuries that cause excruciating pain. When such injuries occur, the right orthopedic braces and supports could go a long way toward pain management, and speeding up recovery. At Bueller therapy, we have a vast range of shoulder braces, knee braces, ankle braces, back braces, wrist braces, back posture support, elbow braces, Tens Machines as well as medical grade Compression socks and stockings. Our superior quality products provide excellent compression to reduce muscle tension while providing therapeutic support, comfort and enhanced circulation. They provide stability in order to improve post-surgery or post-injury recovery rate. Our company also guarantees excellent after sales support to ensure customer satisfaction.

Compression Stockings

Compression Stockings can be important when it comes to dealing with venous problems and pain issues. The severity of a venous disease is what determines the pressure required in compression stockings. Depending on the location of the damage to the veins and how far along it has progressed, different lengths and strengths of compression stockings are offered. We have a team of specialists who can help you pick the right product for your condition.

We carry an assortment ranges from knee length stockings, thigh stockings to pantyhose. There are special versions available for men as well as pregnant women. Wearing a well fitted stocking has an immediately noticeable pain relieving effect and is a real treat for sore legs. We have a range of medical grade compression stockings.

There was a time when compression stockings were cynically referred to as rubber stockings that were uncomfortable and ugly. Now we have a range of trendy colours and styles that make compression stockings look like Nylons. Compression tights offer a completely unique advantage that gives you optimal blood circulation. The purpose of these compression tights is to give you improved blood circulation – the blood will flow more easily from legs and feet and back to the heart. Generally the pressure is weakened when further away from the heart but with compression stockings you get an even pressure all the way, offering significantly better circulation.

Back Braces

Every time you bend or lean over to lift something, you put stress on the various parts of the back and spine subjecting to great amount of pressure. Over period of time, the bones, joints of the spine, muscles and ligaments and discs in the vertebrae that hold everything together begin to wear out. This leads to injuries and back pain. The spine is a sensitive area, which is what makes back braces important. Good quality back support can a long way in dealing with other painful conditions such as slipped disc, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, sciatica and sacroiliac joint pain.

Back injuries can occur as a result of accidents such as slipping on a wet floor or due to straining during sports activities, and even overexertion caused by heavy lifting. Other factors such as sleeping in a bad position, poor posture, working for extended periods while in unnatural positions, standing  or sitting over long period of time , lifting objects awkwardly as well as poor physical condition could also lead to back problems.

Our premium quality back braces and brace supports offer light compression while reducing pressure or tension on the strained disks, muscles and ligaments in the area. The combination of stabilization and compression can be handy in preventing injury, improving posture, pain management and speeding up recovery. Support belts offer lumbar support, improve posture and treat lower back pain. The support belts we carry can also be reinforced by contoured stays. Contact us for more details.

Ankle Braces

Ankle injury can occur when the joint is twisted too far out of its normal position, subsequently straining and damaging the tissues in the area. The ankles are involved in almost all aspects of our movement, and supporting our body weight while we are running, jumping, pivoting or walking. Thus, most knee injuries occur during sports activities. The severity of injury or sprain depends on whether the affected ligaments were just stretched, completely or partially torn, or whether there is a fracture.

The best ankle braces can be identified as ones that provide support, stabilization, and compression. Wearing ankle support can not only help prevent injury, it can also help in drastically managing pain and aid in recovery. We also have children’s ankle braces in stock at our location.

Ankle Braces are also recommended for those who engage in demanding activities frequently that might overstrain the ankles, such as in sports. Ankle braces have sleek stabilizers on both sides of the ankle, to protect the ankles against sprains and rollovers, and the fit can be easily adjusted. Some could even be worn inside modern sports footwear, such as those for tennis and football.

Knee Braces

Knee injury can be a painful problem and is fairly common. Since our knees support our body weight and are constantly in action, the internal structure of the knee can wear out. In case a knee cartilage is torn, or when any of the several ligaments in the knee are ruptured, you require good knee support to accelerate the healing process along with special braces to help with sore knee pain relief.

We carry various types of knee support that can help prevent injury in addition to alleviating knee pain and swelling. Knee sleeves are another simple method for dealing with knee pain. They provide gentle warmth and cushioning to soothe injuries. If you are suffering from serious knee injury, there are full knee immobilizers that prevent any type of motion. Following a knee surgery you may require a high quality post-op knee brace to keep the area very still while you heal.

We carry every type of knee support and brace required for every possible need, from preventative, sports related support, arthritis related to post-surgery, or the result of knee injuries related to tendons or ligaments. Our premium braces are suitable for a wide variety of sports, from basketball to soccer, baseball to netball, martial arts, even high speed and long distance running.

Wrist Braces

There can be multiple reasons that cause wrist injuries. One of the most common injury is brought by workplace conditions, such as office tasks that require a lot of typing. The strain causes damage on the nerves and tendons in the wrist and ultimately leads to pain. Another reason is impact, which could be due to accidents, or even physical activities such as sports. Wrists take a serious beating when we natural inclination to extend the hand and land on the wrist when falling. That is why a wrist brace could be important.

A wrist brace helps to provide support in the area in the event of broken or sprained wrist, wrist tendonitis, fractured Scaphoid, carpal tunnel syndrome, fractured Ulna, wrist hyperextension and fractured Radius.

There are various types of wrist braces. A carpal tunnel splint helps to protect wrists by preventing wrist injuries from occurring as well as providing support on the wrist area after an injury. A close fit keeps the wrists stabilized while keeping the joints in place and minimizing unnatural joint movement. Braces designed for preventing repetitive strain injury or RSI are ideal for providing support, to keep the wrist in a neutral position and reduce pressure within the Carpal Tunnel region. RSI could sometimes lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, but a wrist brace could ease the symptoms such as the sensation of pins stuck on the area and shooting pain. It can also quicken the healing process in case of sprained wrists.

Shoulder Braces & Supports

Problems with Shoulder are very common, exhibiting through sore muscles and various aches and pains. Shoulder pain begins with overuse, injuries or just plain old age. A Shoulder support is crucial to alleviate the aches and pains. A good quality shoulder brace is ideal for acute and chronic injuries. It is designed in order to give relief to people with a rotator cuff injury, in addition to general shoulder injuries. With arm movements, our shoulders get moved. Because of the extensive range of motion of the shoulder, a shoulder injury is a common occurrence. Whether you suffer from sprain, frozen shoulder, strain or rotator cuff injuries, wearing shoulder brace can make a huge difference. Rotator cuff injuries can occur while playing sports or otherwise and can develop due to muscle imbalances, overuse, aging and general deterioration of the tendons.  Rotator cuff shoulder support is vital for rehabilitation of the joint, give it stability, and shoulder compression along with thermal therapy.

Shoulder braces are one of our bestseller and frequently bought braces. Wearing a shoulder brace while playing sports is advisable for anyone who suffers from sore shoulder muscles or shoulder pain. Shoulder support assists in preventing further injuries and also speeds up the healing process.  A shoulder support brace is lightweight, easy to wear and fits by the right and left shoulder. If you are looking to improve posture improvement we also carry posture brace.

Deep muscle treatment with Electrotherapy

Electrotherapy is generally used in conjunction with other treatments and not just by itself. For people that are undergoing physical therapy, electrotherapy helps alleviate pain sufficiently that helps enable them to participate more actively in targeted exercises. Electrotherapy is among the most popular pain relief options gaining attention in recent times.

Electrotherapy machines use electricity to decrease pain, repair tissues, increase circulation, along with strengthening muscles and promoting bone growth thus leading to improvements in physical functioning. We carry electrotherapy units that are battery powered devices, connected by wires to adhesive electrode pads which can be placed on the skin. The electrode pads are sticky, so they stick to the skin. Once the electrodes are attached, the unit can be turned on. These electrodes then send a mild electric current is sent to the skin when turned on. Some devices come with hand help controller to adjust the level of stimulation. Some devices require prescription. At Bueller Therapy, we have team members that are certified to prescribe devices if necessary. Our specialists access and examine you before prescribing or even suggesting any device to ensure it is what you require and will work as best treatment for your pain. Contact us today to get more details.

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