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Founded as a medical bracing and Orthopedic supplies company, Bueller therapy has been offering top notch quality medical braces, supports, slings and much more.  We offer products, services and solutions to all aspects of medical braces and orthopedic products. Our company goal is to meet and more so exceed customer needs and expectations.

At Bueller Therapy, we carry a full array of braces and supports, ranging from Custom Bracing, Off-the-shelf bracing, Osteoarthritis Bracing as well as children’s sizes and models. The products we offer are designed to provide you with optimal support, comfort, control as well as care. The products we provide our customers can be used for preventative healthcare measures, acute injuries, mobility, post-surgery procedures, rehabilitation and recovery. As an Edmonton based company, we are proud to deliver the best range of orthopedic products, medical braces and supports to our customers.

Product Excellence

We offer top notch quality products to our customers in Edmonton.


Our staff members are certified to prescribe and suggest the right product for you.


We carry a wide variety of braces, supports, electro therapy machines and compression stockings.


We provide timely and efficient customer service along with reasonably priced products to our customers.

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There are many reasons why you should choose us as the no 1 choice for orthopedic products, braces and supports in Edmonton, AB


Orthopedic Products & Medical Braces

Compression Stockings

Medical grade compression stockings are perfect treatment for vein disease, lymphedema, thrombosis prophylaxis and DVT. We offer a wide array of compression socks and stockings to help assist with proper blood circulation from legs, feet and thighs back to the heart.

Back Braces

We sell a range of high quality back braces and lumbar support products. If you have been suffering from lower back pain, back discomfort, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, we have the right support for you. Our Posture support has been sold in the tens of thousands.

Ankle Braces

An Ankle injury can really obstruct your lifestyle. We provide our customers with range of high quality ankle braces and support products to choose from. Whether you are recovering from a minor sprain or from serious ankle surgery, we have all the solutions.

Knee Braces

You may be suffering from knee injury incurred from running, walking, sports or simple task as dancing, which can be painful and annoying. At Bueller Therapy, we offer knee braces and supports that can provide relief and support at the same time.

Wrist Braces

Wrist injuries most frequently occur due to reasons other than sports. Whether it is RSI from a desk job, carpal tunnel syndrome post pregnancy or a sports injury, Bueller Therapy has an assortment of wrist braces to help provide wrist support.

Shoulder Braces

At Bueller Therapy we carry a range of high quality shoulder braces and posture support products for shoulder sprains, rotator cuff & frozen shoulder injuries. One of our bestseller braces is for shoulder injuries. We offer various shoulder support products to suit your needs.

Deep Muscle Treatment with Electrotherapy

Electrotherapy is a kind of treatment that uses electrical impulses to relieve pain in muscle tissues, relax tight muscles and treat wounds. At Bueller Therapy, we have the best Electrotherapy machines which use electrical pads that are put on the affected area.


Our goal is to offer best Medical Grade products, Orthopedic Products and Machines to all our customers based on their requirements and pain levels.

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